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Statewide Community Collaborations’ focus is on making our experts, research and educational experiences available outside of our classrooms and campus. Texas A&M is proud to be the state’s land grant university. We exist to serve the people of Texas and beyond.

Learn about Texas A&M researchers and organizations to identify opportunities to collaborate, discover research strengths, support accreditation and support faculty and program reviews.

Texas A&M partnered with EMSI, a labor market analytics firm to produce four reports analyzing the economic impact of Texas A&M on the state, Brazos Valley, Galveston and the economic value of Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center.

The Texas A&M University Colonias Program helps increase self-sufficiency and enhances the quality of life for colonias residents all along the Texas-Mexico border.

Texas Target Communities (TxTC) works with local leaders to create fair, resilient and sustainable communities through training on best practices, equipping with processes, tools and other resources and supplementing local capacity with faculty and students.