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About the Program

The Community of Faculty Retirees (CFR) hosts seven programs per year on or near the Texas A&M University campus. Each program features a speaker who is an expert in their field. Speakers are chosen from all disciplines across the entire university, including experts who have continued their work into retirement. Programs begin with coffee and conversation before the presentation, and a light lunch follows the Q&A portion of the lecture.


Faculty Retiree Audience


Membership in the CFR is open to all faculty who have retired from Texas A&M University. The community is also open to spouses and partners whether or not they are accompanied by a faculty retiree

Upcoming Events

News and Events

The Community of Faculty Retirees (CFR) has been connecting retired Texas A&M University faculty members through intellectual and cultural discourse since 2013. The community hosts several programs per year, featuring expert speakers from diverse fields. Attendees enjoy coffee and conversation before the presentation, followed by a Q&A session and a light lunch. The CFR Event Archive Book is a comprehensive record of all the previous events hosted by the community. It captures the essence of each event, including the venue and speaker details, and features contributions from members in the form of anecdotes and photographs. The Archive Book is a testament to the community's commitment to intellectual discourse and connecting retirees with each other and the university at large. Click on the Event Archive link above for more information.

The Community of Faculty Retirees (CFR) hosts a range of engaging events throughout the year, including academic lectures featuring experts from all disciplines across the university, the annual Chancellor's Luncheon with insightful speakers addressing public policy and developments within the Texas A&M System, and the highly anticipated May Forum, providing attendees with updates on the university, including remarks and Q&A sessions with the Provost. These events offer retirees the opportunity to learn, engage, and connect with current developments and foster a strong connection between the university and the retired faculty community.

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