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TxTC is the premier community engagement program at Texas A&M University. For over 25 years, TxTC has been working alongside local governments and community stakeholders to create sustainable communities across Texas. Through a threefold outreach approach, TxTC helps communities become more equitable, resilient, and adaptive.

TxTC seeks to help citizens become more informed, engaged, and effective decision makers in the face of complex choices, which influence their collective community resiliency. As a public university-funded program, we aspire to the highest standard of objective and unbiased data collection, assessment, and reporting. We facilitate conversations to help partners identify a range of promising strategies for their unique contexts. It is upon the partner to consider, prioritize, and take action on the most appropriate strategies for their communities.

Submit your Community Project through March 8, 2024

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Current Community Partners

The City of Caldwell, a small rural community in Burleson County about 20 miles from College Station, seeks to create its first comprehensive plan. With increasing projected growth rates, the partnership with TxTC is focused on preparing the city and its residents for future development and redevelopment.

Comanche County, located in central Texas southeast of Abilene, is a rural community partnering with TxTC to develop a county-wide comprehensive plan to address the county’s immediate challenges and long-term needs.

The City of Wharton is partnering with TxTC to develop a master plan and landscape improvement design for the Levee Green Space and the Downtown Business District. The project will explore downtown enhancement strategies and ideas to build the levee green space and trail system to improve connectivity and meet the residents’ recreational needs.

Researchers at Texas A&M University have secured funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to explore the impact of disasters on industrial facilities in Galena Park, located in Harris County. This project aims to work with the community to identify green infrastructure strategies based on potential of hazardous releases and risk caused by natural disasters that damage near-by industrial facilities.

Filling a Need for Expertise

Communities face complex challenges that require access to specialized information from a variety of disciplines. We work to transform communities by offering technical assistance, training, and public engagement workshops.

TxTC provides critical support to low-resource communities. Texas A&M University students and faculty gain hands-on experience through these partnerships.