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Our Team

The Texas Target Communities Program (TxTC) is a university-wide community engagement initiative. For over 25 years, faculty and students have been working alongside local governments and community stakeholders to create sustainable communities across Texas through engaged research and high-impact service learning opportunities.

Our Focuses


TxTC delivers award-winning studies and quality comprehensive plans and designs to ensure the best products are being produced for our partnered communities.

Student Learning

TxTC serves as a “real world” learning laboratory for students who provide data collection and promising strategies. 

Faculty Expertise

TxTC pairs communities with faculty members experienced in addressing unique challenges and opportunities


Since June 2013, TxTC has diversified the scope of technical support offered. The program has transitioned from short-term, independent projects focused on land use planning and design to more long-term, integrated efforts addressing the full spectrum of challenges (i.e. civic, environmental, economic, etc.) encountered by communities today.

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Support for TxTC

The TxTC program is a collaborative effort between members of the Texas A&M University System and other state agencies established to support the improvement of Texas communities. This initiative is made possible by the School of Architecture, the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and the Public Partnership & Outreach at Texas A&M University.

Similar Programs:

Working with the Institute for Sustainable Communities

TxTC is the community engagement arm of the Institute for Sustainable Communities that creates a fundamentally different way to identify and tackle critical disaster resiliency and climate change challenges that threaten coastal cities through citizen engaged research.


TxTC is part of the EPIC-Network (EPIC-N), which is the collection of institutions that have successfully adopted a university-community partnership model for community innovation and change.