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Mission & Vision

To facilitate the transformation of communities from high-risk/low-opportunity to equitable, resilient, and adaptive regions by mitigating threats to the economy, environment, and culture. 

To be the premier community engagement program at Texas A&M University.


  • We value community fabric and respect local knowledge
  • We desire strategic and equitable community economic growth
  • We believe in the preservation and restoration of environmental systems
  • We uphold principles of participatory and collaborative governance
  • We believe in nurturing the health and capacity of people and places
  • We seek to promote informed development decisions

Core Competencies

Inspired by TxTC Values

  • Social: Preserve and Strengthen the community fabric
  • Economic: Foster strategic and equitable growth
  • Natural: Preserve and restore the integrity of environmental systems
  • Civic: Encourage participatory and collaborative governance
  • Human: Nurture the health and capacity of people
  • Physical: Promote informed development decisions