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Community Benefits

  • Decision-makers committed to inclusive planning programs
  • Citizens meaningfully engaged in community planning
  • Decision-makers and citizens making informed decisions
  • More communities implementing beneficial ideas
  • Enhanced collaboration among all involved parties
  • Innovative projects that would otherwise often constrain budgets
  • High rate of return on investment
  • Increased publicity in local, state, and regional publications
  • Improved reputation as a forward-thinking, resilient community

Selection Criteria

A partner community is selected based on the quality of the application and the commitment to increase community capacity in each of the six core competencies through TxTC’s train-equip-assist approach. The local partner is expected to invest its own resources to support TxTC activities.

Levels of Involvement

As a high-impact service learning organization, there are multiple levels of involvement we can provide to your community. Contact us to find out how we can help your community today!

Community Checklist

Before applying, we encourage communities to consider if the following steps can be completed: