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Three residents of a Colonias community greet a visitor at their door.

Improving Lives of Texans Along the Border

Colonias program staff partner with a wide variety of public and private agencies to provide literacy and job training, health education, economic and community development for colonias residents. Colonias are economically distressed, relatively undeveloped communities located near population centers on the U.S. side of the border. They often lack one or more neighborhood infrastructure elements such as running water, electricity, or paved roads.

Learn About Our Mission

The Texas A&M Colonias Program serves the residents of colonias — relatively undeveloped villages on the U.S. side of the 1,200-mile border that often lack one or more basic infrastructure elements such as water or electricity.


Where we Serve

The Colonias program serves communities along the Texas-Mexico border. We have four offices in major regions serving the surrounding areas.

Support the Colonias Program

We are always looking for volunteers and donations to help us continue the commitment we have with residents in colonias and rural communities.